Which City Has The Best Business Culture?


For quite a longer period there has been a raging debate over which city between London and New York is the best regarding business culture. Despite the fact that these cities have got differences, they are also alike in that both are densely populated as well as a cosmopolitan metropolis. To get a clear comparison between these two cities, it is important to consider some factors to come up with a velar distinction between the two. The following factors give an overview that will enable you to understand which city is far much better than the other regarding business culture.


The Cost of Living


Surprisingly, both New York and London city are noted for their notorious high living costs. However, London City turns out as being the one that appears to be much expensive than New York for both tourists and inhabitants. On the other hand, according to several reports, New York has been rated as the less expensive city that is much favourable for both inhabitants and tourists. The cost of spending concerning food and accommodation for tourists is much higher in London as compared to New York City.


Transportation from One Place to Another


There is a huge difference between these two great cities regarding transportation in that in London tubes is used for travelling whereas in New York City subways are the ones widely used. The subways tend to cover a larger ground compared to the tubes in that it has 24 lines and 468 stations whereas the tubes have 11 lines and 270 stations. Additionally, the subway is less expensive thus using it saves lots of cash. Comparing the monthly charges of each, the subways are far much better because they also run later compared to tubes.


Bright Nightlife


New York City is one of the busiest cities that never sleep for several reasons which are business related. During the day and in the night, all activities are carried out as normal so that there is no interruption in service provision. London, on the other hand, provides services to clients within a particular time frame that is also convenient.However, most businesses tend to close much earlier therefore as a tourist you should take note of this and identify places to get what you want in good time




Central London is one of the key areas that influence the growth of businesses in London. Most activities are carried out here. Compared to New York City, this area tends to provide many convenient services to clients thus having a strong business culture. Business culture affects the performance of a particular city, and it is it that marks the progress of a particular area.