Services Offered


I have designed a method to rank web properties that works every time! An overview of what I do is described below.


Off-Site Optimisation


Google looks at incoming links from other sites. There are many factors that make those links look unnatural to Google. I know those elements and give the search engine what it looks for.


On-Site Optimisation


Google’s algorithm looks at web properties taking several factors into consideration. I alter metadata, content and page speed so that the algorithm likes what it sees.


Social Media Optimisation


I surround web properties with hundreds of branded social accounts so that competitors cannot steal brand identities. Some search engine hijackers create these branded social accounts without a company’s knowledge so that they can take over their online presence. I stop that from happening.


Mobile Page Optimisation


I create mobile page web properties to prevent desktop sites from penalisation. Because Google is a user based search engine, it wants people who use it to have an enjoyable experience – without a mobile page web property that does not happen.


Accelerate Mobile Page Optimisation


I create accelerated mobile page web properties. Desktop sites and mobile sites look the same. However, they have accelerated mobile page web properties to compliment them. Only authority sites have these right now, so sites with them are in the top 1% – Google notices that.


Search & Click Optimisation


I send thousands of visitors to web properties over extended periods through different avenues. Google sees that people are using the web properties and therefore regards them as useful. Once web properties are in a position where they get organic traffic, this is no longer be needed. But it is an essential start.